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Leisure Growth Holdings is proud of our collection of luxury and healthy lifestyle brands. 
In total, we own / manage over 25 properties in the wellness space, as well as a "brand incubator" for developing concepts and fast-growing startups.  We invite you to begin by browsing the portfolio below, and contact us for further details or opportunities. 



For over 15 years, elements® has been recognized as a leader in fitness +lifestyle. Originally designed as an upscale health club brand for women, today elements® embodies "the fitness lifestyle" ... giving the brand a contemporary and fresh mainstream positioning.  

Opportunities and properties include branded "bricks and mortar" facilities, resort  and spa licensing, yoga and fitness gear, workout equipment, apparel licensing, as well as opportunities for media and fitness programming.

For over a decade, elements® has presented the best of fitness and has been regarded as a leader in fitness and healthy living.        

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From its origins as a regional weight loss chain more than 25 years ago, BalanceDiet™ has evolved into a complete nutrition + healthy lifestyle brand, with a substantially widened audience and its "Celebration of Food and Healthy Living!™" approach to looking and feeling your best.  

Opportunities available include BodyWear, Food, Grocery, Health Products, Kitchen Goods, Cookbooks, Cooking Accessories, Mobile, Retail, Experiences, and more! 


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thinspa® is an award winning spa brand with an exclusive lineup of slimming, anti-aging, and clinical beauty therapies.  The brand retains a high appeal with a luxury and aspirational client seeking wellness, detox, vitality, beauty, and home luxury products and goods.  

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Become a believer in natural goodness with slimberry®. From highly effective anti-aging fat burners to anti-aging protein and drinks, the slimberry® brand relies on using the finest raw botanical ingredients to deliver fast and long lasting results.

Categories for expansion include nutritional products, healthy snacking, beverages, heath food, lifestyle accessories, global expansion, experiences, and more.

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A new fitness + high performance lifestyle brand, GYMBOTTLE™ and GYMBOTTLE LABS™ creates high performance fitness products, fat burners and body transformation supplements, and a fit lifestyle followed by athletes and influencers globally. 

Opportunities include global partnerships, fitness products and fitness accessories, nutritional products, and apparel.

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THE BODY CLUB™ delivers products and services geared towards maintaining and achieving your perfect body. The Body Club client is beauty-oriented (age 18-45) and loves to explore highly effective and well-priced products and service which will enhance their appearance.

Opportunities include Lifestyle Apparel, Lifestyle Accessories, Nutritional Products, Healthy Snacking, Body Shaping Products, Bath Goods, Cremes and Gels, Dental Kits, Beauty, Retail, Spa, Experiences.

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Leisure Growth Holdings is the global steward for a family of popular healthy lifestyle brands, and their related subsidiaries. Our daily focus is to generate meaningful, growth-oriented partnerships which increase the long-term value of our brands.  Our executive team has an impressive and ongoing legacy expertise developing consumer products and brands within the healthy living + luxury industries, which includes sports, fitness, nutrition, spa, beauty, resort + leisure, resort, and consumer products.

We are a Brand Development, Strategic Growth Brokerage, Marketing, and Media company.  Unique to our position, our holdings also include a growing number of shared manufacturing, production, distribution, and marketing assets allowing us to deliver our strategic partners substantial economies of scale and speed to market.

The combined executive team has substantial strategic expertise in franchising, licensing, direct sales, distribution, retail and consumer products, re-occurring based revenue systems, emerging markets, and online marketing. We seek opportunities to grow our brands with established, well-respected partners globally.

We also seek to develop relationships or partnerships with new and underexposed brands who might benefit from accelerated growth, as well as an ever-growing array of established production, operational, and licensing partners globally.