Leisure Growth Holdings growing physical resources include Class A office space, as well as nearly 80,000 sq ft of US Based distribution + manufacturing space including NSF and GMP Certified Manufacturing and Production Facilities, located within minutes of one of the largest international shipping hubs (Miami, FL).  International manufacturing facilities with long term agreements and relationships in place are also part of the manufacturing infrastructure.  As the steward of our brand's Global and Long-Term growth, we continually seek established, well-capitalized, and success driven regional and national growth partners to facilitate the stewardship, successful growth, and development of our consumer brands and product channels.

The focus of brands within the group are consumer products and services, with a specialization within the wellness industry left open by a changing marketplace. Our size allows for much faster and more efficient adaptability and speed to market than many competitors, larger and smaller alike. 

 A well-developed network of trusted operations, distribution, and retail partners work to create a ever-growing, scalable, and enviable growth platform both across North America as well as Internationally in key Markets.

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The brand portfolio at Leisure Growth Holdings focuses upon the leisure, fitness, healthy living, wellness, and luxury sectors. Brands in our portfolio are selected because of their ability to generate high-margin (branded) products or services, as well as consideration for the brand's ability to thrive in a multi-national marketplace.

 With over 25 years of manufacturing and distribution expertise, as well as a retail and store development + an internal design team, Leisure Growth is able to apply significant economies of scale to many of our growth efforts. By focusing on the "healthy living + leisure" sector, our contacts and relationships are well-established and deep, allowing for a faster scaling of expansion projects and new brand development.

  US based as well as international manufacturing centres, a corporate office hub, and distribution network, including 80,000 square feet of manufacturing + distribution space in a NSF Certified, World-Class Facility located minutes from the international air and sea transit hubs in Miami, FL.  Our brands partner with, Amazon Prime, and Amazon Prime Now as a preferred partner to allow for efficient and best in class distribution, fulfillment, and scalability. Our platforms are all designed with an architecture to plug into best in class partners for software, database, communications, technology management, shipping, customer relations, and media.  
The focus of brands within the Group are consumer products and services, with a special focus on fast-growing sectors within the wellness and resort industries left open by a changing marketplace. Our size allows for much faster and more efficient adaptability and speed to market than many competitors, larger and smaller alike.  A special focus in terms of new product development or acquisition are high margin items within the leisure and home goods space, creating a proven and winning formula for brand development, steady growth, and long term success.


Our combined assets have become a valuable resource to our brands, as well as others within the
wellness, nutrition, fitness, and leisure sectors. Our platforms include ...

• Extensive Expertise in the Leisure, Nutrition, and Wellness Industries
• Direct Response Marketing ("Infomercial") + Direct Sales Platforms

• Re-Branding + Strategic Enhancement
• Access to Mezzanine + Growth Capital
• Strategic Advisement on Franchise Development and Growth

• Executive, C Level resources with Shared Expense Structure as needed
• Strategic Planning for Rollouts

• Franchising + Master Franchise Joint Ventures
• Retail Unit Development + Rollout Strategy
• Product Distribution Systems + Network Alliances

• National + International Manufacturing
• Product Development and Value Engineering
• FTC and Federal Compliance Resources



More and more, the digital footprint and strategy of a brand will define it's ability to scale and grow.  Leisure Growth brands and Online Platforms have the ability to scale around the clock and globe using an long-established network of trusted of Tier I Digital Partners, as well as a development agency testing new programs, platforms, and consumer experience deliverables.


Over 20 years of media and marketing prowess, cross-brand consumer databases and referrals, as well as globally envied connection and trade-secret strategies allow Leisure Growth Brands some unique assets and access to viral growth and consumer opportunities.